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After some adjustments to the default tablet settings I finally feel like I’m drawing in a sketchbook instead of trying to awkwardly reign in a tablet with a mind of it’s own (LOL). Now I can draw my boo Oni with all the sparkles she deserves.  :*


102: Oathkeeper




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uppercorner_bow - Copy Opening: Happy 2019 everyone! Does this layout inspire anyone else to cry about Kingdom Hearts and, more specifically, Aqua? Cool! Me too! Well, outside of layout changes, my domain URL is back to its WP URL (premium was okay but not worth extending) and I am once again changing the format of my blog posts. WP has been harassing me about a new editor that’s coming, so… the layout might change again once I try that out. Okay. That’s about it. It’s been a long while since I made an actual update so… bear with me.  lowercorner_bow - Copy


pin_purple - Copy *casually strolls in with a Starbucks cup like I didn’t semi-abandon this blog* What’s good?

pin_pink - Copy Yikes~ I have six months worth of updates about Luna plus the whole pregnancy plot in the motherhood arc, so I’m just going to tackle this in the form of frequent and interesting questions about the whole thing. It seems easier. K, let’s do this! ><

  • [Insert question about Luna’s birth stats]
    • Luna was born on June 27th, 2018 at 1:18 pm.
      • Took her 40 weeks + 6 days.
    • She was 7 pounds and 13 ounces.
    • She was 20 inches tall.
    • Labor + delivery was about ten hours.
    • Everything was normal. Normal pregnancy, normal labor, normal birth, and normal recovery. Can’t complain! ^^
  • What is her race/ethnicity?
    • Jamaican (Me) + Filipino and German (Mark)
  • What is her eye color?
    • It’s weird how often we get asked this.
    • Anyway, brown.
  • Do you think she looks more like you or Mark?
    • *sigh* Mark.
    • Just about everyone says Mark.
  • Why did you name her Luna Freya?
    • I chose the name Luna because
      • Mark and I met in Latin class so I wanted a name with Latin origins
      • Luna is Latin for “moon”
      • I chose “moon” because I love the things it represents: space, astronomy, astrology, a light in the dark/hope, mystery, magic, beauty, inspiration, and so many other things. The moon is the best. *_*
      • Luna is a Cancer like her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great grandmother, and Cancers are ruled by the moon.
      • Many of my favorite works, songs, and fictional characters have some variation of “moon” or “luna” or “lunar” in their names.
      • Mark and I love mythology. Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon.
    • Mark chose the name Freya because
      • He really loves mythology and wanted another goddess’s name.
      • Settled on the Norse goddess Freya (she’s pretty cool).
      • He knows about Lunafreya Nox Fleuret but he doesn’t care about Final Fantasy.
      • I like Final Fantasy and I don’t mind the association with Lunafreya. I also don’t mind her being associated with Freya Crescent and Lulu, too.
    • Her name means “moon lady”. *_*
  • Does she have a nickname?
    • Lu, Lulu, Bubbie, Bub, Bub-Bub, Lu Bu, Small Lady, Little Lady, Princess. 
  • What can Luna do now?
    • Smile
    • Laugh
    • Say “mama” and “dada” but not to us
      • She called Link “mama” the other day and I was like… wow. The audacity.
    • Blow raspberries
    • Eat baby food
    • Chew on everything
    • Roll on her stomach
    • Sit up
    • Rock side to side (we call it dancing)
    • Grab her feet
    • Recognize (un)familiar faces and react accordingly
    • Sleep through the night (unless she’s sick or something)
    • Watch TV
    • Teething/Has one little bottom tooth breaking through her gums
    • … Grow too fast ( T _ T )
  • How are Link and Luna getting along?
    • Adorably well~ Link is a people person, so he’ll talk to anyone. Luna, on the other hand, took a few months to figure out what to make of him. Then one day she just started staring at him and smiling at him all the time, and that’s pretty much been their relationship: she stares, he yells, she smiles.
    • Here they are napping together:


  • Are you going to pierce Luna’s ears?
    • No. If she wants them pierced when she grows up I’ll take her. Her choice.
  • Are you going to vaccinate Luna?
    • Yes. Already did a few rounds and we intend to do them all.
    • Also, it’s depressing that this is even a question we get
  • Are you going to teach Luna to draw?
    • Yes. That talent runs in our family on both sides, so I’d like to at least attempt to teach her. Of course, if she hates it then we will move to something else. No pressure.
  • When is Luna getting a little sister/brother?
    • Go away. 

TL;DR Luna exists. We get random questions. I give rough answers.

Okay, those are all the interesting questions that I can remember right now!

pin_blue - Copy All of that aside, things have been going well with Bubbie. Or mostly well. She caught a cold a while back, so she’s still a little icky here and there. The doctor assured us (twice) that she’ll be okay (and that we need to calm down). Otherwise, she’s been kicking ass and taking names per usual. *Maes Hughes voice* Wanna see pictures of my daughter? She’s so cute!



pin_yellow - Copy As for me, I’m doing aight.

  • Currently, I am living the temporary stay-at-home mom life. 
  • My job is basically caring for Luna and doing chores. I can’t complain. Get to watch TV while I work. Drink coffee nonstop. My coworker is a cat. Not bad. The major downside is being on call to work 24/7 with no days off. Also, my boss poops her pants regularly. But she’s good people. 8/10
  • Anyhoo, Mark and I are gradually overcoming our fear of leaving Luna alone with others. SUPER GRADUALLY. So the whole “temporary” thing means I’m in the process of getting back into the work and college field.
  • Allat aside I do the usual: draw, write, play video games, read, etc. The holidays had us all over the place but now it’s over. And we can unwind a little. Yes~
  • TL;DR Boring shit.

pin_purple - Copy Okay. Now on to hobbies and such starting with drawing

  • … I’ve just been drawing fanart.
  • And not even consistent fanart. Like, every time I start a new show/movie/book I just draw a bunch of shit from that. Project Runway binge? Fanart! Xena rewatch? Fanart! Ant-man and the Wasp (primarily Ghost because she’s so badass)? Fanart! A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms? Fanart! Even our guilty pleasure reality shows that we watch are like… dangerously close to ending up in a sketchbook. D:
  • I think I’m just so happy to be drawing that even when I don’t have inspiration I just want to draw whatever my attention is on at that moment.
  • Anyway, the only reason why I haven’t drawn everything I’ve come across is because I’m building a sketchbook solely for Luna to have, so filters are necessary.
  • I’ll always remember how my brother’s sketchbooks used to be my favorite things growing up, so I want Luna to always have at least one completed sketchbook of mine that she can just flip through to feel better, you know? That’s my hope.
  • That being said, I’ll probably get back to my usual OCs drawings soon because I have some new ideas and outfits for them. 

pin_pink - Copy Writing! 

  • Let me begin by saying that the Brightburn trailer inspired me a lot.
  • I seriously had no desire to write anything until I saw that trailer, and then after Mark and I talked about how badly we wanted to see it he helped me to pinpoint what it was that drew me to projects like Drakengard and NieR and A Song of Ice and Fire and Berserk so strongly. Fantasy + horror! That’s what it is!
  • I love stories that seem like a run-of-the-mill fantasy story until odd things start to happen and then the more mysteries you solve, the more you realize that things are actually a lot more sinister and horrifying than they seem. The best~
  • Anyway, I want to try a new approach. I’ve been writing basically all high fantasy or sci-fi stories, but now I’d like to explore this genre. 
  • … We’ll see how that goes. Channeling my inner Yoko Taro. *deep breath* 

pin_blue - Copy Now on to gaming.

  • Where do I begin?
  • I don’t remember the specifics of E3 2018 (pregnancy brain was terrible) but I do remember soul-crushing disappointment. Can’t forget that!
  • I also remember that Square-Enix really had the nerves to show up at E3 and not even discuss the FFVII Remake. That’s like Marvel going to a convention and not discussing Avengers. The fuck are you doing here then? Go home. LMAO
    • Then they cancelled all the FFXV DLCs except the DLC about the character who already explained his whole damn life story in the original game. And Tabata resigned. Yeah… Square is a fucking mess. I’ll sooner buy a game from Ubisoft than Square these days.
    • Let’s face it. They lost millions in 2018 and they’ll lose millions more if KH3 is not gaming perfection. Even the most loyal SE fans are tired of the bullshit.
    • Anyway, someone send Tetsuya Nomura and Yoko Taro back braces because they’re carrying the whole damn company.
  • I don’t get what these gaming companies are smoking these days b/c most of them have consistently dropped decent to awesome game throughout pretty much my whole life as a gamer and now they can’t even drop a title without the entire internet rightfully tearing them a new asshole. I can’t.
  • Anyway, most of the shit at E3 is already out now so I’m super late. D:
  • I was more impressed with TGA 2018. That Dragon Age 4 announcement alone was better than entire conferences at E3.
  • The biggest blip on my radar, of course, is Kingdom Hearts 3. I hope Aqua, Terra, and Ventus get happy endings this time around. And that Master Eraqus gets avenged. Really, I was more emotionally invested in BBS than any other KH game, so I just want the wayfinder trio to reunite again. T_T
  • My gaming life these days is mostly Dragon Age: Inquisition and Skyrim. I never played the DLCs for those games, so now I’m replaying from start to finish with all the DLCs, extras, special items, etc. I think I’m just itching for a sandbox type RPG to play these days. And since I spend 90% of the time grinding, farming, and doing sidequests I don’t feel too nervous when Lu starts beating my controller like a drum. 
  • My next mission after DA:I and Skyrim is to play all the RPG classics I downloaded on my Vita and never replayed. Just to cleanse me of the filth that has come from the likes of EA, Bethesda, Square-Enix, Bioware, and other companies I used to trust.

pin_yellow - Copy What’s next? TV shows? Movies?

  • I finally watched The Good Place after everyone and their mom was like “WATCH THE GOOD PLACE” and then I watched The Good Place and now I’m telling everyone and their mom tO WATCH THE GOOD PLACE.
  • Mark and I found a few “guilty pleasure” shows: The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Project Runway, 90 Day Fiance, Paternity Court, and Little Women of Atlanta. We’ve also been looking for a good source to start Love and Hip Hop with no luck so… Yep… 
  • I’m rewatching Xena because the last time I watched the entire series was when I was in elementary school. Long, long, long overdue!
  • Honestly, between the last entry and this one I watched a lot of shows and movies. I don’t even know where to start or end.
  • I saw everything Marvel related, of course. All good. 
  • Like most people, I consider Black Panther and Infinity Wars to be the best movies to come from Marvel last year.
  • Daredevil was amazing. And then Netflix cancelled it, so fuck Netflix.
    • It is so hard when Daredevil is your fave comic book character because you have to scrape the barrel to find anything good about him. Now this. 😦
  • Was The Punisher last year? IDK. I liked The Punisher. Glad it’s not cancelled.
  • The Defenders was disappointingly meh.
  • I know Iron Fist and Luke Cage got cancelled, too, but I was mostly bored with the new seasons and their cancellations were not as shocking to me as Daredevil.
  • I can’t recall the fate of Jessica Jones off the top of my head but I wasn’t super into that recent season though. Still hope they didn’t can it. Overall, it’s a good series. It just desperately needs a Kilgrave-level of vile villain because every other threat they introduce to Jessica seems to pale in comparison.
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not enjoyable for me. I even told myself that maybe I was being a tough critic because we had a group of people behind us who would not shut the fuck up for anything and it could have left a bitter taste but… nope. Even in the comfort of our home it was still a chore to complete. Which makes me sad. 
  • I watched The Dragon Prince. I liked it! Even though it contains like 50% of my story ideas.
    •  Ha ha ha ha ha *throws stories in trash* Ha ha ha ha 
  • Sorry To Bother You was great! Also, I can’t remember the last time I yelled “what the fuck?!” at a screen before. I usually just think it internally but… that twist/reveal/whatever was extremely what the fuck.
  • The second season of Atlanta had some WTF moments, too. I legit lost sleep over that Teddy Perkins episode and there was like… complete silence when that episode ended. LOL. How Donald Glover didn’t win an Emmy for that is beyond me.
  • Westworld was incredible. As usual.
  • Barry surprised me because I thought it would be trash but it’s not bad.
  • Deadpool 2 was hilarious.
  • I literally fell asleep watching Ready Player One. It was just… that whole movie was the film equivalent of that annoying nerd everyone encounters who thinks they’re the first and last person to ever enjoy something nerdy and will not stop trying to educate you about things you already know. *sigh* I hate that movie. I couldn’t stomach the book either. Maybe it’s just not meant to be my cup of tea.
  • House of Cards was a dumpster fire. The most frustrating part was that they managed to get rid of Francis in a way that was not bad tbh. I don’t mind the “murder mystery explanation of why the main character died in between seasons because the character’s actor is a piece of shit IRL and had to be fired” approach. When done correctly, of course. But I do mind when the new main character was once a secondary character and you do a complete 180 with her personality and everything the moment she steps foot in the main character role. Just… annoying. I liked Claire a lot. Now she’s a joke. They even made Doug a joke too. *Kevin Sorbo yell* DISAPPOINTED.
  • I think that’s it. IDK. I feel like I’m missing some huge movies and shows. T_T

pin_purple - Copy Anime and Manga time. Don’t expect much.

  • CASCA IS BACK ♥♥♥.


  • Honestly, I just check Berserk updates to see if Casca and Guts are okay.
    • I’m mainly here for Casca though.
    • And we all know if she dies it’ll just be 10 more years of Guts screaming and being angry and killing shit. Yawning already.
    • I love this too-old-for-this-shit/grumpy-dad Guts. I also love Schierke. Farnese, Serpico, and Isidro aren’t bad either.
  • I started and dropped a lot of anime within minutes of watching because, ultimately, Hayao Miyazaki is right. Otakus have completely invaded the anime production industry and it shows because a disturbing portion of shows feel more like fanservice-infested borderline hentai than something that was created to tell a story. Of course, not all anime is like this. Some are really good. But finding quality anime among all the trash is a chore. So much so that I’ve mostly lost interest in anime unless I’m rewatching an old series that I already like. TL;DR that Hayao Miyazaki meme was right. Anime was a mistake.
  • But at least JoJo Fridays are back amirite~
  • I’m not super into Vento Aureo but I’m always fond of stand battles.
  • I liked Golden Kamuy. The humor was so off that I laughed hysterically a lot of times and then the story itself was really interesting. I love the way they combined lessons about the Ainu culture with lessons about cooking with a mystery with a story about war with… so many other aspects. It’s refreshing. I liked it a lot.

    P.S. Protect Asirpa, please! She’s my anime daughter and she makes adorable faces:


  • I finally finished Yona of the Dawn a few months ago. I… am shocked at how sad this series is because it looks so upbeat in artworks. Anyway, now I have to read the manga because the show ended on a cliffhanger and hasn’t continued on it for years, so… thanks~
  • Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san reminds me so much of what life was like as a retail worker. I feel so bad for him. :’)
  • Mark and my nephews have been pushing me to watch Boku no Hero Academia and I really do want to watch it. I mean it, ya’ll. That is number one on my list! ><
  • That’s about it. I’m more interested in manga than anime these days but maybe newer seasons will bring along better things.

pin_pink - Copy Uh… let’s just toss everything else into this last bullet because I want to do other stuff. LOL

  • What can I say about current events that isn’t being said literally everywhere else? Every. Where. At all times. Nonstop. ^^
  • Maybe I can say this and some people might agree that it applies to them too:


  • Anyhoo. I’m not sticking my head in the sand or anything when it comes to the happenings on this planet, but I desperately need a break from it all sometimes.
  • A lot of times.
  • *sigh* What else is new?
  • I finally remembered my log in for my old photobucket! Shitty edits galore! Right now I’m trying to download all the images and save them on a USB drive because PB is putting ugly banners on images that use their links and they’re trying to sell packages to un-ugly linked images. No thanks! ^^

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • … I don’t know where I’m going with any of this. LMAO
  • Honestly, I was going to tackle all the miscellaneous things like the Ray Route in Mystic Messenger (T_T) and specific acts of buffoonery happening in the gaming industry and fandom-related shit I’m excited about and random hilarious things that happened me in the time I was gone but… meh.
  • There are too many things. :’)
  • Let’s just end it here~


uppercorner_bow - Copy Closing: *Phew* That’s a lot! Maybe I shouldn’t put off like… a year and change worth of updates next time. Then again, I don’t know how long my WP days will last with WP putting huge ads all over my page and other obnoxious shit that’s been getting under my skin. I might as well put every update I do in my domain since I’m paying for it. I guess I just get so worn out by all the coding that I just prefer something premade. *sigh* Honestly, I wouldn’t mind reducing my online presence to my domain. Less stuff to update. I don’t know. Maybe I will~ Maybe I will not~

Well, I’ll definitely be on hiatus when Kingdom Hearts 3 rolls around. The leaks are a mess by themselves, but it’ll be even worse when the game actually drops. Better safe than sorry. Also, I think a lot of people I know will be gone for KH3 so it’s going to be a deserted wasteland in a few weeks. 

Hope everyone has fun! I’ll try to update before Luna graduates high school! lowercorner_bow - Copy


That’s about it! Sending good vibrations~~~


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I Love You To The Moon & Back


shootingstar_purple - Copy Name: Luna Freya O.

shootingstar_purple - Copy Nicknames: Lulu, Lu, Small Lady, Little Lady, Princess, Bubbie

shootingstar_purple - Copy Birthdate: June 27th 2018 @ 1:18 pm

shootingstar_purple - Copy Birth Weight: 7 lbs & 13 oz

shootingstar_purple - Copy Birth Height: 20″ tall

shootingstar_purple - Copy Note: Lulu will be three weeks on my birthday (7/18) and then a month old after that. Wow… time flies @_@. Then again, time kinda just mushes together when you’re up every 1-3 hours to change, feed, and play with a baby. Life is completely different–like night and day–but I don’t mind. It’s an honor to be a mother to this little girl. We really do fall in love with her just a little bit more each day. Bah, I’m being sappy. Whatever. That’s allowed. We’re new parents, so we’re allowed to be overly emotional newbs. LOL. Well, all will get better in time. Even my impatience with wanting to talk to Lu and walk with her and take her to museums will all come along with time. We can’t wait. So many memory cards to burn through when we take 1000s of pictures. 😀

Anyway, thanks for all the love and support. Everyone has been treating her like a princess since she got here, and it makes me so happy. It makes Mark happy, too. Seriously, thank you x 1000!

Alright, I’m going to squeeze in some other tasks before Lulu wakes up from her nap. Once she starts sleeping longer and I have time and I don’t feel like a zombie… a legit entry about everything from labor to birth to motherhood thus far to the few hobbies I managed to upkeep for like five minutes a day. LOL.

Take care, everyone~

BTW: To whoever is praying for Luna to be strong… We appreciate it but she is too powerful now. Please pause. LMAO. How is this girl like 20 days old and she’s throwing pacifiers across the room and lifting her head while we’re trying to burp her and rolling over on the changing table? *sigh* I worry that by year’s end she’s going to throwing us out the window when we don’t feed her fast enough. She’s such an adorable, scary warrior princess. Love her. ( T w T )


Grand Summon

baby shower
I feel like the anxiety of taking apart these diaper cakes will be 10x worse than the anxiety of using good stickers. LOL

It’s almost time. Permission to freak the fuck out. ◉‿◉

Although the due date on paper is June 21st, I’ve been told multiple times by doctors and experienced parents alike that when she is ready then she is ready. So, realistically, Luna could be here today or tomorrow or next week. She may not even get here until after the 21st—though not too long after the 21st for her own sake. It’s all just a waiting game… and all I can do at this point is try to squeeze in as much preparation as possible. The things I can handle physically have been folded, packed, unfolded, unpacked, re-folded and re-packed because… pregnancy makes you weird. LOL. Other things, though, are beyond my physical capabilities this month, and that is where I have to rely on Mark. *sigh* Poor Mark. I know growing a baby is tough at times, and I appreciate all the support from everyone, but Mark is the one picking up my slack until I’m completely able-bodied again. So, at the very least, please give him a pat on the back when you see him. I couldn’t do this without his help. ♥

That being said, I’ll likely be on a long hiatus once Luna gets here. And that goes beyond this blog. I probably won’t update social media accounts or answer back calls/texts immediately or accept every invitation to hang out. It all depends on how well we adjust to this parenthood thing. At the moment, it looks like I’ll be spending at least a few weeks taking care of Luna full-time while Mark works. Of course, we’ll both be full-time photographers when she gets here, too, so… LOL. We’ll try to share pictures. Keyword: try.

Well, I think that’s about it. Wish us luck! More importantly, wish Luna luck. She’s about to enter a new world where everything is weird and confusing. I hope we can guide her through it all with our house motto: courage, wisdom, and power. 😛

Alright, that’s about it. Take care!

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pin_pink - Copy Mark and I are expecting a baby girl. 

pin_pink - Copy The due date is June 21st, 2018, so we’re pretty much at the halfway point. After the anatomy scan we had on 2/2/18, the due date has been updated to June 13th.

pin_pink - Copy Her heartbeat is strong, blood tests came back with low risk results, and ultrasounds show no abnormality so far. This is a major relief, especially after the loss we experienced last year. Please send positive wishes to our small lady~! hearts_lace - Copy

pin_pink - Copy Our close relatives and friends know about the pregnancy; however, we will not make any “official” announcements until we get the 20-week anatomy scan (along with a crapload of pictures).

Edit: Anatomy scan went great! She’s so energetic! And cute! Even when she’s stomping on my bladder ( T u T )! Waiting for pics though…

pin_pink - Copy We have seen her via ultrasound multiple times, and… yeah…  she is energetic. Aside from the strong heartbeat, the first time we saw her moving she was bouncing all over the place. Then when we had another scan after I had a nightmarish bout with the flu, the midwife told us there was A LOT of activity in there and we were going to have our hands full. LOL. I heard many tales about what a handful I was as a baby, so this is probably karma. ghost_laughing - Copy

pin_pink - Copy Yes, we have thought about possible first names and middle names: Alexandria, Luna, Zelda, Penelope, Vivienne, Francesca, Beatrix, Charlotte… It honestly goes on forever, but we’re trying to shorten the list. -_-

pin_pink - Copy Oh yeah. Baby shower is currently planned for April. We’ll worry about that later though. Not that we’ll have to do much worrying. It’s pretty much being planned for us which is a huge relief. (We suck at parties ghost_crying2 )

pin_pink - Copy All of that aside, Mark and I are wishing for the best. It’s hard not to dwell on the worst once you’ve experienced it, but we’re maintaining hope and thanking our lucky stars each time our hopes are confirmed in little ways. Even the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy confirm that our daughter is growing stronger, and that makes all of the discomfort worthwhile. Is everything perfect? No. As expecting parents, our home could always be bigger, our income could always be larger, and we could always be better as human beings. Nothing is ever good enough for your child. Period. That, I think, is one of the first habits that parents pick up. Still, that is not an excuse for us to loathe ourselves or become so dejected that we don’t even try. Just the fact that she will have two parents who love and adore her is a luxury some will never know. We want to keep adding to those luxuries that she will have. We don’t want to spoil her, of course, but we also don’t want her to suffer needlessly if we can do anything about it. That is our goal as parents: do our absolute, genuine, and honest best for our daughter. We haven’t even had the blessing of holding her hand yet, but we love her immensely. I hope she never forgets that.

*sigh* Well, I’m off! I’ll update as updates come along, including the usual nerd shit like hobbies and interests. LOL. As always, fight, fight, fight!

Especially you, small lady! 

fight_monochrome - Copy