H-H-Hiatus Breaker!


  • Yo!
  • I’m still alive! … Somehow…
  • The real MVP of 2019 is my immune system. I WAS SO SICK THIS YEAR.
  • Scratch that. The real MVP is Luna because SHE WALKS NOW. Go baby go! … But not that fast! And not that far!
  • Anyway, I can’t blame laziness on this current hiatus. I’ve actually been super productive/busy with adult shit.
  • Started a new full-time gig back in September so my stay-at-home days ended like three months ago. Of course, I miss having ample free time and being able to sleep in daily but I also like money and all the nifty things I can get with it so I ain’t complaining. Obvious benefits on both sides.
  • This means Luna is experiencing the daycare life these days.
  • It took her a few weeks to really adjust but after a while she started making a bunch of friends and she makes all the daycare workers happy and she doesn’tΒ  cry in the morning anymore so… yeah… I am super happy. Small Lady is growing up.Β  I’m so proud. ( T w T )
  • Speaking of adjustments… WOW. We all had back-to-back colds and flus and shit for WEEKS. It was so shitty man. I was literally sick for like two months straight. Luna and Mark too. Lately, it hasn’t been too bad though. I’ve been taking vitamins and drinking Emergenc-C and doing everything I can to not get sick.
  • All of this is normal from what I’ve been told. If your kid starts daycare then prepare to be sick for an eternity. ^^
  • But anyway.
  • My job is decent. Can’t sneeze at the pay or benefits. Of course, I have people there who aggravate me and the workload ranges from slow to nightmarish but that’s like 100% of jobs out there. Honestly, who cares? Lmao
  • Uh… What else?
  • And with that Switch: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Stardew Valley, Untitled Goose Game, and Dragon Quest XI. There will definitely be more in the future.
  • Finally got a new phone too but that’s not ultra exciting or anything. It still does the same shit. Just on a slightly bigger screen with noticeably more memory.
  • Our Halloween was okay despite the rain we had. Luna went as Hermione from Harry Potter… for like three hours. But she was sick and she pooped her pants so we changed her into pajamas and she went to sleep.
  • Thanksgiving was awesome. My siblings and I haven’t all been in the same room for years because some of us live in different states and we’re all turbo busy, so it was nice for all of us to reunite and have fun and eat. Good times!
  • Our Christmas was great.Β I liked the stuff I got a lot and Luna is having a BLAST with all of her toys. By the way, don’t go to her food truck because she likes to throw your order in the fridge and drink all the smoothies then yell “NO” at you when you ring the bell for service. One time I asked for a taco and she straight up switched the sign from open to close right in front of me and started drinking smoothies again. 0/10 but at least she’s adorable.
  • Uh… What else?
  • I’m drawing and writing as much as I can these days which is not as much I’d like. I’m doing my best to rearrange my free time to be more creative and cutback on tumblr. I live on tumblr on my free time. *sigh* … So many funny, pretty, awesome, etc. things to look at.
  • Yep…
  • So, basically, same hobbies but less time.
  • Oddly enough, I managed to make it to Heavensward (FINALLY) despite the lack of free time. I really marathon’d through dozens of quests one weekend because I was sick and tired of ARR and I wanted to move on to the expansions. LOL. Anyway, my character is cool. *blows a kiss to my character who is a dragoon dressed as Firion for some reason*
  • I think that is all.
  • I really cannot get into ALL the shows and movies we watched.
  • Watch “The Mandalorian”. I’m sure it’s better than whatever garbage Star Wars movie is in theater these days.
  • “The Witcher” was mediocre. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. It was just okay and fun to watch at times.
  • We’ve primarily been watching old movies that we couldn’t catch in theaters (ex: Us, John Wick 3, Spider-Man: Far From Home). I can’t wait to see “The Joker”… whenever that is…
  • No new anime or manga for me. No new books or graphic novels either. D:

I think that’s the gist of it. I would like to share more drawings or at least post a real entry but… time will tell. I’ll work out a routine eventually.


A new decade begins soon, so let’s all start it with positive vibes and awesome goals! ^_^


oekaki: echo of memories



You know what’s weird? I have never played Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, but I have listened to the soundtrack a few times. … That’s not the weird part. At least not by my standards. The actual weird part is that I fell in love with the song “Echo of Memories” from the FFCC OST because it just sounds like the perfectΒ RPG menu song. So, out of curiosity, I googled what FFCC has as its menu song and, YES, it is “Echo of Memories”!

… These are the kind of things you get excited about when you’re old and a dweeb. πŸ™ƒ

Anyway, I still lack a scanner, so accept my shitty photos of shitty drawings~ If only I could dress all my OCs like Stevie Nicks. *sigh* Also, I found this ridiculously awesome generator site that will build a whole planet for you with cities, islands, castles, etc. and I AM OBSESSED. The other generators are pretty neat too, so definitely check it out. It is especially useful for DMs/GMs because there are a lot of campaign-building resources there.

Okay. That’s all for now. Maybe one day I’ll whip out the ol’ tablet again and try to draw something decent. Maybe.



celebration: πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ + oekaki: the moon song


Light of my life~ 😍

I couldn’t think of a better way to make use of my laptop being back in tip-top shape than to draw our birthday girl~ She’s turning the big ONE on the 27th so… yep… I’m trying not sob all over the place. (‘:

That being said, I probably won’t have time to do this around the 27th so I’ll do it now:


You make mommy and daddy so happy, and we can’t wait to spend many more birthdays thanking you for the joy you bring and celebrating everything you are. You mean the world, galaxy, and universe to us. Love you! KISSKISSKISSMUAHH~ :*

(And to everyone else, enjoy your summer vacations and such! ><)



oekaki: the man who sold the world

Sass-mouth, money-hungry assassin Giga at your service~ I have basically made an anime version of Villanelle from Killing Eve. Yes please. *_*


Maybe I’ll do some FF fanart to celebrate. Also, I’d love to do some fanart for E3 2019. We’ll see. Gotta check in with Boss Lady Luna to see if that fits in her schedule (LMAO).

Sending good vibrations~~

And good AC because this summer is going to be hot as balls~~~