Moonpools and Caterpillars – Heaven


I believe in Heaven and know
That I should just accept it all
So content with the paths that I walk on
Surely I should see it all

So take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul
And when the distance grows and the nights are long
And you’re scared at times and you wonder why
Take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul

I’ve looked into the sky one hundred times
And I’ve seen the stars that shine so bright
And I’m sure that one of them is you, my friend
Watching and waiting and hoping that I’ll be alright

So take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul
And when the distance grows and the nights are long
And you’re scared at times and you wonder why
Take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul

I believe in Heaven and know
That I should just accept it all
So content with the paths that I walk on
Surely, surely, surely I should see it all

So take care and don’t go too far, I will miss your soul
And when the distance grows and the nights are long
And you’re scared at times and you wonder why
Take care and don’t go too far
The road back home is shorter than you know

The road back home is shorter than you know
The road back home is shorter than you know
The road back home is shorter than you know


097: Stand By Me

Just Frank Castle things.

✪ Personal Life ✪

  • Geez… Where the fuck do I begin?
  • Everything is Lunafreya right now and you’re damn right I’m going to fangirl about FFXV in a minute.
  • February was definitely a great month. I got to meet my new nephew Jaden, hang out with Ash, Tiffa, and Mark, and finally get my hands on a Wii U!
    • Jaden – He’s such a cutie pie ♥♥♥! Why are my nephews and niece so precious? I don’t deserve them. 😥
    • Hangout – So, Ash came down from NC to visit a bunch of her ATL friends, including me, Tiffa, and Mark, and we had a blast with her. I can’t remember the last time I laughed as much as I did that day. We were just being a bunch of goofs together. LOL. All in all, it was great–great friends, great conversations, great places, great food. I can’t wait to do it again. This time we will actually put some effort into planning because Mark almost led us to our deaths. Bad Mark.
    • Wii U – This belongs in the gaming section. Still, it is probably the best Valentine’s Day gifts I ever received.
  • Mark and I found a new hobby that is guaranteed to concern the people we know. There is a shooting range right down the street from our place, and we’ve become obsessed with… well… shooting shit. My only complaint is that it’s loud as hell. And the kickback will knock your fucking teeth out if you don’t keep control. Otherwise, it’s a blast (no pun intended). The great thing is that I’m surprisingly decent at it. I mean, my eyesight is garbage so I was sure I would miss my target, but I ended up getting mostly headshots at 50 feet distance. According to Mark that is good. At least I know I’ll survive somewhat in the zombie apocalypse, right? LOL. I don’t know. He’s the military kid, so he’s been my mentor on all things gun related. Anyway, it’s fun. GREAT stress relief. That is a definite!
  • I got a chance to work remote and it was like winning the lottery for a day. LOL. I don’t even care about raises or promotions anymore. I just want to eventually get permission to work from home everyday. That is my dream job right there. And since I love the work I do my career will be 100% enjoyable for me. No more waking up at 3am, no more driving in traffic, no more spending my lunch playing taxi–none of that shit there. Just me, my music, my laptop, and my pajamas. Fuck. Yes. I want it now. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
  • I’m ashamed of some of the things I find hysterical. For example, every time I hear/read, “Swiggity swooty, I’m coming for that booty,” I giggle like an idiot. Then the other day Mark and I were trying to decide on dinner and he googled “good food”. Dude, I was crying. Like… what was he hoping to accomplish with that vague-ass search? I’m done (╥ □ ╥)! Now I’m giggling because while watching Daredevil Mark said that since Matt is blind he probably hits on girls by saying, “Hey, girl, let me hear them titties,” and… *siiiigh* My sense of humor is in ruins. Don’t look at me.
  • I got new glasses after seven years or so, and it is so fucking weird. I didn’t know real life was this crisp.
  • Link is temporarily annoyed with me because a cat outside was following Mark and me and climbing our shoulders, and he watched all of this from the window with a pissed expression. So… Yeah… We feel like two-timing whores now. Sorry, Link. 😦
  • I don’t know what else to add in this section. I’m feeling OK. I’m working on improving certain areas of my life. I guess that is it then. Moving onwards~


✪ Art & Writing ✪

  • I can always tell when I’m in a good place art-wise because my art supplies will move from my desk to everywhere else. It also doesn’t help at all that every time I get a little extra cash I just add to that shit like I have all the space in the world. In my defense, I always said as a child that when I become an adult and have money I would buy all the art supplies I want. So, I’m sure the young Kerri in me is cartwheeling around in excitement. Anyway, I’m not complaining. I do need to be more organized, yes, but I’m as happy as pig in shit over here. I want to draw forever. ♥
  • Writing is now working out smoothly because I decided to put all my writing-related things in one book. Brainstorm? One book. Drabbles? One book. Charts? One book. At times I’ll think, “Yadda-yadda would be a good idea”, and then I’ll just write in my book “Yadda-yadda is a good idea”. Often times right in the middle of doing something else, like shopping. LOL. I’m pretty much inseparable from that book. It’s like my brainstorm encyclopedia, and it makes things infinitely better. If you’re a writer you have to get a brainstorm book. It’s extremely awesome. Stick it in your purse with some pen(cil)s and never worry about forgetting a good idea again. 😀
  • By the way, if you order a sketchbook online and it says “MASSIVE, HUGE” then believe it… because I ordered one thinking, “please no sketchbook is too big for me” and this one is ridiculous. In terms of length  and width it’s not bad. Maybe 11 x 12-ish. But it has like 600 pages, its the size of an encyclopedia, and there is no way I’m carrying that almost 20 lb. tome of a sketchbook outside of this place. So. Yeah. I have so many pages that at this point I’m just sketching any random shit that comes to mind. LOL

✪ Anime & Manga ✪

  • It only took me an eternity, but I finally managed to watch all of Fushigi Yuugi including that horrible sequel. Yay! At first I was disappointed that Miaka was gravitating towards Tamahome instead of Hotohori, but eventually I stopped fighting it and accepted the obvious reality that they are one of the most adorable couples ever created. I also wanted nothing but the best for Yui too because even though she was so pigheaded at times she was never a bad person. Ah… I love it. I’ll always have a soft spot for shoujo anything. They make me feel so warm and fluffy inside. (。´ ‿`♡)
  • Completely in love with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • Of course I caught the FFXV: Brotherhood anime. It’s decent so far. I just wonder how long it’s going to take to release all of the episodes. ARGH IMPATIENCE.
  • I am completely in love with Hunter x Hunter. I’m so glad that I finally finished it. Now I feel kinda hollow because I was immersed in this world for weeks and now it’s just… done. I hate when that happens. LOL. I’m already looking into collecting the mangas so maybe that will help.
  • New Berserk anime! *backflips through a wall* Yaaas, I need more! I’m already hyped as shit because they finally made it to Elfheim, so… yeah. Let’s get this series done in my lifetime please. >_<
  • The new Sailor Moon Crystal looks so much better. Also, Michiru! My queen!
  • Broke down and purchased the Oyasumi Punpun and Gunslinger Girl omnibuses. Totally worth it. Now my heart can break all over again. Yay!
  • What the hell is even Sekkou Boys? (╥ □ ╥)
  • I guess Turn-A-Gundam is no longer in copyright jail because they’re actually selling the DVDs in stores now. I damn near screamed when I saw the first part of the set at MovieStop. Silly gundam moustache and all, I absolutely love this series. Loran is definitely my favorite Gundam pilot of all times. He is so adorable. I can’t stand it. Also, Yoko Kanno doing the music is just… *deep breath*… Get away from me if you hate this series. I don’t need that negativity in my life.
  • Geez, what else? The Lost Village is creepy as fuck and I have no idea what is going on. Finished Ace of Diamond and I really want Chris Yuu’s eyebrows. Slam Dunk is my shit now. Sakamoto is funny as hell. My Hero Academia is so nice! Ah, so much anime to talk about. Maybe another time.

I know I’m forgetting something but it’s been a few months. I’m trying. -_-

✪ Video Games ✪

  • Ah, yes. The Wii U. It kind of came to me unexpectedly. Sure, I was planning to get it eventually, but one day Mark was just like “surprise,” and then I had a Wii U. He already got me Hyrule Warriors before I got it, so I had that to play (ADDICTIVE). It came with Mario Kart 8 (FUN). The moment Twilight Princess came out I got that (GLORIOUS). Eventually, I did get Xenoblade Chronicles, even after the whole Amazon crap I had to deal with to get it (LONG STORY BUT WHATEVER THIS GAME IS RPG ROYALTY), and that was well worth all the headache. I have zero complaints. I love it. The gamepad is ridiculously nifty and feels more like another handheld console at times. I don’t know what else to say. I’m completely in love with it. I am beyond fortunate. Thank you, life, for not always shitting on me! \(^O^)/
  • First of all, I watched that FFXV Uncovered video from start to finish, and even though it was cheesy at times I was hyped as fuck. I’ve accepted my badge as a Square-Enix bitch ages ago. I can’t help it anymore. Needless to say, they are going above and beyond with this one. And they better. They’ve been working on this game for over a decade now. I was still in high school when they announced it, and back then it was FF Versus XIII or whatever. The wait is finally over, guys. I can’t believe it. Come September 30th FFXV will actually be here! Well… it might come a little later for me. I preordered the deluxe edition (the ultimate edition practically vanished) with overnight shipping, so if I’m lucky I’ll get on the first of October. If not, then it will probably show up the following Monday. Tuesday the absolute latest before I lose my shit. LOL. Either way, I’m ecstatic. I love the idea of an anime, a movie, another demo, and even all the other ridiculous things like an actual car that no one can buy. I’m indifferent to the mobile game, but I’ll try it out once I get a phone that doesn’t give me an insufficient storage warning every time I try to download something. I mean… Fuck. I don’t know what else to say. The moment I heard Florence and the Machine singing her version of “Stand By Me” (Yes!) FOR this game my eyes started to water. I couldn’t help it. It’s like someone just took all of my favorite things, put them in a box, dumped it in front of me, and said, “Enjoy it in six months, bitch”. It’s like… that feeling you get as a kid when someone told you that you were going to Disneyworld. When I realize this thing I’ve been waiting over ten years to experience is only months away I just want to celebrate, regardless of the possibility that it might be straight up dick. I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m just excited and sappy and relieved and hopeful. That’s about it. I can’t wait!!!  ʘ‿ʘ
  • Oh, and you can bet your ass that I played that demo. The gameplay felt a lot like Kingdom Hearts tbh. Which is not a complaint at all. It’s so enjoyable that I’m already thinking of playing it again. Plus Carbuncle and bb Noctis are so adorable! I want an esper/eidolon/GF/summon/etc. to talk to me via text messages. 😮 And of course I’m so uncreative that when I was asked to name Carbuncle I just named him Carbuncle. LOL. I don’t start giving people and things dumb names until the second playthrough at least. Dems the rules.
  • Can I talk about Sakaguchi showing up to the conference? I miss him. ;_;
  • New updates for Nier Automata too! Yes, I need moar!
  • Finally tackling that Hearts of Stone DLC for The Witcher 3. I’m loving it. I never get tired of Geralt. There could be an entire DLC with him watching paint dry and I’ll probably write a review saying, “A work of art. Fantastic gameplay. 10/10.”
  • I can’t sign on Steam anymore because the instant I login this person keeps IMing me to talk about Sailor Moon and its connection to the occult and I don’t know how to say “go away” without hurting his/her feelings. Why did I end up in this situation? Why is it the more antisocial I become, the more people keep talking me? Why? Why?

✪ Books ✪

  • Do comic books count? Because I’ve been reading through a lot of omnibuses lately, mostly Daredevil.
  • I did get the first eight books of The Wheel of Time series for like $10 and was set on reading it… but then I got distracted… and then Mark took that honor for me. LOL. He got through three books in like a week, so I have to hear nonstop about how awesome it is while simultaneously loathing myself for not getting past the second chapter of the first book. I just need one good week to focus 100% on my hobbies. (◞‸◟;)

✪ Music ✪

  • The Legend of Legacy OST is everything. Pianoschlacht Live is also pretty important to me. Bless Masashi Hamauzu. Kinda OT, but I found out recently that Masashi Hamauzu got his daughter to sing the vocals in “The Vestige” from the FFXIII OST. I just had to mention that because it is really neat and adorable at the same time.
  • My music life has been mostly Pandora. I really need to do something about my stations because I swear I have like twenty of them. It’s not really my fault though. How do you put instrumentals, trip hop, classic rock, alternative rock, hip hop, r&b, and several other genres in one station? Then there are some artists/bands that need their own station because I have a lot of moments where I only want to hear their music or music that sounds similar to theirs. I did put my movie, game, and anime soundtrack stations into one station called “writing & drawing*, but even now I’m thinking of breaking them into separate stations again because video game music is not like movie music, you know? *sigh* I’m hopeless.

✪ TV & Movies ✪

  • I don’t think I discussed The Force Awakens yet. I loved it! My biggest complaint is that there was not enough Captain Phasma, but I heard she was supposed to get more screen time in later episodes. GOOD. You can’t hire fierce queen Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth to play a stormtrooper and not make her kick ass. Not allowed, JJ Abrams. e_e
  • Season two of Daredevil… Wow. Just wow. I loved every second of it. Sure, it has its flaws, but none were so troubling that I couldn’t enjoy it. Frank/The Punisher is amazing. Elektra is amazing. I still love Matt/Daredevil, Karen, and Foggy. I love that some of the characters from season one came back. It’s just so good. I can’t wait for Luke Cage and Iron First and The Defenders!
  • I think I mentioned watching The Sopranos before. That is all done, so now I just have to start The Wire. I know it is considered quite possibly the best show ever made, but every time I get the chance to watch it I end up falling asleep. Not because it’s boring but because I’m almost always tired. Then I spend my weekends playing games or watching weeb shit, so… yeah. It’s at the top of my watchlist. Finish The Wire before 2017 or kick myself in the chest. >_<
  • Spotlight is such a good movie, but it is so fucked up. So, so, so, so fucked up. It is disgusting how many suspected pedophiles are amongst priests alone. When you think about the population as a whole… It’s like this whole shit with Jared. It makes me legit irate. I’m just going to stop because this is going to turn into a long rant. I already feel it. Anyway, Spotlight it is wonderfully done in terms of acting and production, but the subject matter is definitely unsettling. There is my review.
  • The same kind of goes for Room. It is such a good movie, but the subject matter is saddening. I really love characters like Brie Larson’s “Ma” because she is the epitome of what a hero(ine) is. I cannot imagine the amount of courage and strength it takes to endure a situation like that, and still keep your child completely oblivious to how screwed up things actually are. It is definitely a tearjerker. I highly recommend it.
  • Saw Deadpool. Funny as hell, as expected. Not a perfect movie, but it is the perfect Deadpool movie. That is all that matters, right?
  • Saw Batman v Superman… and I don’t even know what to say. Outside of Ben Affleck playing a good Batman and Gal Gadot slaying as Wonder Woman the movie was balls. It was just plot holes galore, Jesse Eisenberg doing who knows what drug to play Lex Luthor (or supposedly Lex Luthor Jr. which is even dumber), disappointing character development, flop villains all around… I don’t even know. And they didn’t even have the decency to reward the audience for sitting through that with some after credits scenes. The disrespect. LOL. I mean, it wasn’t the worst movie ever made. It was just tolerable at best.

✪ Whatever Else/Closing ✪

I have so much to cover that I just kinda typed without worrying about typos or curbing my potty mouth… fingers. Anyway, sorry about all of that. I think it’s been like five months since my last entry. D:

Take care, ya’ll, especially with the ridiculous amount of pollen out there these days. If you’re going through the whole itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing mess I’m there with you. Be strong, sistrens and brethrens.

Sending everyone good vibrations. (っ- ‸ -)っ ~♥


096: The Dawn Will Come


✪ Personal Life ✪

  • It’s snowing on my blog again. Yay!
  • I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I had all the ham I could stand, so I would say my Thanksgiving was a huge success. 
  • And, with that said, on to your regularly programmed nonsense. I’m feeling like an open book so I’ll tackle this next topic whilst I still have the stomach for it. Prepare for some serious, lengthy TL;DR.
  • My personal life has been significantly better thanks to my decision to start going to therapy regularly. My therapist is a saint. Seriously. When she’s not helping emotional wrecks like me she spends her time helping children with disabilities, and when children adore someone that is usually a sign of good character to me. Anyway, I could not have progressed as far as I did without her assistance. It turns out that I have general anxiety disorder and major/clinical depression, and it’s at a point where not even a great therapist can tackle it alone. I have to also see a psychiatrist occasionally. She prescribed me lexapro and xanax to basically keep myself balanced. Anxiety and depression… together they are so exhausting. On one hand, you’re constantly terrified of being harmed. On the other hand, you welcome harm because you believe you deserve to suffer until your last breath. And the odd thing is that consciously I’ll catch myself thinking things I immediately write off as irrational. I’ll say to myself, “it’s so dumb to think these things”. However, those thoughts will follow me around nonstop until I start to believe them from time to time. I have been carrying these burdens for years, and it made me feel like a failure. It’s… comforting to have a stranger tell me that I am strong. There are regular compliments that I accept nonchalantly, and then there are compliments like that where it’s so overwhelming that it leaves me in tears. All I ever wanted was to be strong. It’s amazing to fight for something all of your life only to be told that you accomplished it a long time ago, and you were just to underconfident to realize it. I’m happy. I’ve even been told that I’m more upbeat than usual. Of course, it is difficult to deal with these things, but I like to think of it as living life on hard mode (LOL). There is no time to say things like: “I’ll get better later”. You have to be at your best at all times, and because of that you learn to adapt and develop new skills quickly. The payoff is also incredible. Now that I have more control over this part of me that I couldn’t control before, every other challenge I face feels like child’s play. Lately, I’ve been facing difficult things without questioning my abilities because I’m confident that I can take them on. Or as Mark said when I discussed this with him, “THIS ISN’T EVEN MY FINAL FORM”. Anyway, I am essentially saying that therapy is going well, medications are helping a lot, and I am learning to focus on myself instead of fretting about my surroundings. I have higher hopes now because the future finally looks bright for me. I’m just… relieved, proud, and happy all at once. I can’t complain about this experience at all. Life has been (mostly) pleasant, so I’m really glad I made this decision instead of putting it off out of stubbornness. That’s about it. 🙂
  • Also, I would be a complete ass if I did not thank Mark for all of his supportiveness. He likes to say things like, “Blah, I don’t need any thanks”, but he has no idea how much it meant to me when I was dooming and glooming under a blanket and he came out of nowhere with some cheesy joke to make me laugh. Or when I’m having a panic attack at work and he’ll drop everything to run somewhere, call me, and tell me that I have faced harder things. I love him with every fragment of my being. He is my rock. I know I usually don’t say lovey-dovey things like that, but… I could not do any of this without him there to remind me that everything will be all right. Okay. I’m done. *~_~*
  • Now back to the nonsense.
  • A while back I caved in and subscribed to Amazon Prime. Worth it! When I put into consideration all the shows I get to watch for free plus all the two-day shipping charges I get to avoid, I already got my $100 worth. It is just painful to pay all of that upfront, you know? But I guess when you look at things like Hulu or Netflix you’re paying the same amount just to watch shows and movies, so Amazon Prime is definitely worth it if you’re into online shopping. I definitely am. Most of the time I’ll just spend like $15 a week on little things like replacing headphones or getting stationery I can’t find anywhere else, and I don’t have to pay another $15 to ship them. Blah, blah, blah, I highly recommend it. And if for some reason you need something ASAP you can spend an extra $4-5 for next day shipping. So it’s awesome.
  • Christmas shopping is usually hell for me, but I’m trying to be more optimistic. Let’s call it a financial adventure. I guess the trick is to not be too generous. Sure, that’s a ridiculous thing to say during a time where the spirit of generosity is most important, but it’s careless to spend so much money on other people that you have nothing for your own survival expenses. It’s not like someone is going to die if I don’t get them a new iPhone or whatever. I’ll probably die if I try to survive on $5 for a week though, or at least die a little on the inside. Anyway, the whole point is to chill the fuck out with that Christmas shopping stuff this year, and do some serious budgeting. I want to get everyone nice things though. I’ll do my best.
  • I didn’t really do any Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff. The only deal I absolutely had to grab was the Lord of the Rings trilogy boxset–extended edition blu-ray discs with 26 hours of extra goodness. According to Walmart, it is usually $100-something dollars. I grabbed it for $40. Not a bad deal.
  • Link has been pretty snippy with me because I gave him a bath and put his collar back on. It’s his own fault. He keeps running outside then hiding in the bushes since he’s too scared to go further than that. LOL. Anyway, we’re back on good terms again. All it takes is some treats and brushing his fur to get back in his good graces. Got you all figured out, cat. >:J
  • Well, I don’t know what else to say about my personal life. It’s just been work, sleep, eat, therapy, repeat. The things I manage to squeeze in between are typically things are productive or helpful towards my health. In short, boring. I am still very boring. 😛


✪ Art & Writing ✪

  • As far as art goes I have just been in practice mode. I hate the feeling that I am losing my ability to draw. Realistically, I doubt anyone can just “lose” a skill they’ve been using for decades, but I have had moments where I placed a pencil to paper and had no idea what to do next. It is more a lack of inspiration than anything. I definitely need to read and play games more. Maybe start getting back into watching anime regularly. I’ll see.
  • I tried to do NaNoWriMo this year, but I only had the motivation to work on my main story, and that story is not something that I want to submit to contests or whatever. It is a great stress relief for me after all. If I start putting deadlines and word counts on it then I’m positive I’ll lose the desire to go anywhere near it. There is always next year, I guess.

✪ Anime & Manga ✪

  • I started this anime called “Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider”, and it’s right up my alley. A lot of mystery. A lot of philosophy. Very Stand Alone Complex-y. It’s not done yet, so I’ll have to endure waiting week after week for another episode. *sigh*
  • Mark and I got hooked on “Kuroko’s Basketball”, and we keep blaming each other for it. I recommended it, but after the first episode I dropped it. Meanwhile, Mark kept watching it. So one day I decided to join him for an episode for the hell of it then I got hooked too. Then we both got hooked and we kept blaming each other for who made us addicts to a sports anime of all things. Like, we’re not big sports people at all. I don’t care for sports. He doesn’t care for sports. Yet we’re both watching his anime and saying things, “Man, maybe we should start watching basketball.” LOL. It is more than regular basketball though. It has this really interesting storyline with basketball techniques that are borderline Naruto-ish until they explain how might be semi-possible to pull off in real life. Nonetheless, it’s great. I love it.
  • …Oh, and we’re into a new sports anime now called “Haikyuu”. We joked that in a matter of months we will see every type of sport there is in anime form. We covered basketball and volleyball so far. I covered swimming with “Free!”. There are tennis, baseball, and soccer anime out there that I’ve heard about. *sigh* It’s getting to that point. The suspense is so good with sports anime. >_<
  • We’re also into “One Punch Man”. Mark is more into it than me though. I’ve only seen an episode or two, and each time I promise myself to catch up to the whole thing. It… hasn’t happened yet. I’ll shoot for next weekend.
  • “Digimon Adventure tri.” is so nostalgic. I mean, the digimons still wear crappy disguises when they’re on Earth and no one even asks questions. It’s just like: “Oh, there’s a orange dinosaur in a trenchcoat and fedora. Nothing out of the ordinary here.” I can’t recall anyone asking the “are those talking, stuffed dolls?” question again, but that is equally ridiculous to me. LOL

✪ Video Games ✪

  • Wow… Where do I start?
  • It worries me that Square-Enix keeps saying that “it’s a new game”, and that it’s going to be broken into “episodes”, but I want to be optimistic. This is one of my favorite games. Hell, it’s almost at a point now where it’s overtaking Ocarina of Time because I play it way more frequently. The last time I played OoT was maybe 2-3 years ago. FFVII, on the other hand, I’ve been replaying yearly. I’m already starting a new playthrough for the one that I downloaded on to the PS4. It’s worth buying again for the 100th time just for that new theme. It’s so beautiful with the piano version of Aerith’s theme playing in the background. Yeah… I’m Square’s bitch at this point. I’ll keep grumbling about how tired I am of them making low quality games then I’ll pick it up anyway. LOL. But I am at least slightly relieved after playing the FFXV demo. If the game is as good as the demo then I have little to worry about.
  • Is anyone really surprised that Wild Hunt is winning all these Game of the Year awards? That game is the truth.
  • Fallout 4 might as well be a Sims game at this point because I spend all of my time building this town and trying to keep all of the settlers happy instead of trying to rescue my own son. D:
  • We’re playing Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s not bad at all. Since there is no way to play Skyrim on the PS4 (that I know of) I’ve been missing that whole world a lot. This is not a bad replacement for that.
  • J-Stars Victory VS is pretty enjoyable. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t a huge fan of shounen though because most of the enjoyment comes from being able to interact with some of your favorite characters. Otherwise, it is just a fighting/hack-and-slash type game that can get stale after a while. Naturally, my main is Toriko AKA flawless, blue-haired, muscular, culinary king of my soul.
  • I got Hatoful Boyfriend (finally) for shits and giggles. Yeah… I got assassinated by ninja birds on my first playthrough, and then the MC ended up hitting on that sleepy teacher in my second playthrough. Supposedly, if you get all the endings it will unlock this other game within HB that sounds pretty dark from what I read. Something about the apocalypse and murders…? Wow. Just wow. This game is definitely amusing if anything else.
  • Just Dance 2016 is fun. I really love that you only need your phone as a controller this time around because I wasn’t really feeling the kinect or PS camera thing. I also didn’t feel like buying one of those PS move controllers because I’ll never use it outside of that one game. So… yeah. It’s great. It definitely gets the heart pumping, that’s for sure. I stay dancing to “Dagomba”, “Gangnam Style” and “Moves Like Jagger” all day though. Like, that’s all I ever feel like dancing to. I need to branch out more. They added “Ievan Polkka” from Miku in this one BTW. Kinda WTF but cute nonetheless. I’ll probably try to make JD my means of daily exercise since I am utterly incapable of doing anything active that isn’t fun. -_-
  • I watched a playthrough of Until Dawn on YT, and it’s a really good game! Now I want to actually play it. Watch me end the game with zero survivors though.
  • Not really a video game, but Mark and I decided to try out “Cards Against Humanity” and… yeah. That game will make you laugh at some horrible things and leave you questioning your morals. Play it. Even if you don’t have enough people (like us), you can just make up your own rules. Mark’s humor is way darker than mine so he tends to win.

✪ Books ✪

  • I finally gave in and ordered “The World of Ice and Fire”. That art is amazing. I really loved the contributions that Magali Villeneuve made. Of course, all of the details about ASOIAF in there are extremely pleasing too. It’s just a great book to have. And massive. There is no way that book is under ten pounds.
  • I’m starting on “Song of Solomon”. I already know Toni Morrison writes amazing books, so I don’t need to wonder if it is any good. I loved “The Bluest Eye”. I loved “Sula”. It is so hard to put her books down!
  • Honestly, I’m disappointed by the lack of reading I’ve been doing lately. I’m not really into the whole resolution thing but if I had to make one it would be to read more. I feel like my brain is growing lifeless from the lack of information I’ve been taking in outside of random, interesting articles. I’ll work on it.


✪ Music ✪

  • Most of my music life has been Pandora, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” on loop, “The Best of Sade” on Loop, “The Reminder” on loop, and a few songs from the Spectre OST on loop.  I love Sam Smith’s “Writing’s on the Wall” as a Bond theme. If I had to pick one song to listen to on repeat from the entire OST, though, it would be “Madeline”. That song is too beautiful for words.
  • I heard about Enya making a new album, but I haven’t had the chance to really listen to it yet. The few songs I heard as sample were… okay. Maybe I need to listen to the whole thing in its entirety before I decide that they are not as good as previous works. It’s not like Enya can really do wrong. At her worst, a song is not as good as another song she made, but it is still relaxing/inspiring/good shit in general.
  • If there is a list of top ten game composers and Masashi Hamauzu isn’t somewhere on it then I’m not taking your list seriously at all. Then again, I understand that he is not the most popular composer. Fine. But if you don’t have Masashi Hamauzu then you gotta have Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura, Koji Kondo, AND Yasunori Mitsuda. All of them. Because they are actual game music legends.
  • I’m super excited about the FFXV soundtrack. Sadly, I’m more excited about it than the game. Yikes/Zoinks/Whoops/etc. I have to buy it the moment it gets released. I know sometimes soundtracks get released before their games, so I’ll have to buy that and hope there are no spoilers in the tracklist. I feel personally attacked by every composer who puts “____ Dies” as a song title. LOL. There has to be a more creative title you can make about someone’s death. It’ll be like John Williams naming a song “This Is The Song For When Luke Finds Out Vader Is His Dad”. Dude… Okay, I’m done ranting about that. Hopefully, the whole tracklist will be in Japanese and I can just avoid all translations until I beat the game. Hopefully.


✪ TV & Movies ✪

  • I saw Spectre… and let’s just say the best things about it were some of the songs and Christoph Waltz. 😦
  • After Mark harassing me to see John Wick since the dawn on time I finally saw it, and I am glad that I did. The fight scenes were GREAT. So now I’m going to harass everyone else to watch John Wick before the second one comes out.
  • Jessica Jones was a pleasure to watch. I have nothing bad to say about it. I’m always looking forward to more Daredevil though. I probably mentioned more than once that he is my favorite comic book character. The TV series really proved how awesome he is after that Ben Affleck movie kind of ruined him for a lot of people. Just wait until The Defenders, guys. He is going to kick so much ass. Again.
  • Thanks to Amazon Prime I got a watch a few great shows these past few months. There is Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos, Hand of God, and a few others. The Wire remains at the top of my watchlist with Boardwalk Empire. I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. Really, I wish HBO Now would just put an app on the PS4 already. Amazon Prime pretty much has every great HBO show except Game of Thrones. I have… ways… of watching Game of Thrones, but I’d prefer to do it the… right… way. I feel safer, I guess. LOL. Anyway, time will tell. Hopefully, that happens before April rolls around.
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, I don’t think I’ve discussed last season yet. It’s probably because save for a few moments it was kind of a disappointment for me. I don’t even want to get into that controversial scene with Sansa. I am one of those people who saw no point in it besides the writers trying to use some tired method of motivating a male character to change by doing heinous things to a female character. It’s right up there with the whole “fridging the wife” trope. I guess some writers feel like the only reason for anyone to do the right thing is to wait until someone they care about is assaulted or murdered. It’s so tired at this point. …And here I am ranting. Whatever. I got that pet peeve off my chest. -_-
  • I’m sure that I saw more things, but I can’t remember them all. I guess that’s it…


✪ Whatever Else/Closing ✪

I’m off!

Tonight, I see The Force Awakens. Tomorrow, I try to be productive. Monday through Wednesday I work and wrap up Christmas shopping. From Thursday to Sunday I’m off. Oh, and I have tickets to see The Force Awakens again on Christmas. LOL. So, this week might just be damn near spectacular.

I hope everyone enjoys their week too.

Let’s remember that regardless of our religions or backgrounds or whatnot there is no excuse not to be nice to people. So, no matter what you celebrate or don’t celebrate, take this time to be nice… or nicer. That’s all.

That’s the best closing you’ll get from me. I’m distracted by The Sopranos. Sorry. XD

095: Sleeping Lessons

Budget mascots dem a pat the pum pum dem a wine up dem waist dem a pat the pum pum

✪ Personal Life ✪

  • Wow, it’s been like three months. :O
  • I turned 28 in July and that was really fun. Let’s continue this pattern of having awesome birthdays.
  • My big sister got married in June and the wedding was perfect. She was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, my fellow bridesmaids were beautiful, everything was beautiful. The best part was being reunited with people I haven’t seen in a long time. I got to see my brother, my cousin, my father, and some people I haven’t seen since I was a kid. It was just one of days when you know, while you’re still living it, that you will look back years later and smile. So I know my sister and brother-in-law will look back just grinning ear-to-ear. ^^
  • Man… I was a proper fangirl during E3 2015, so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t make a post about it when it happened. LOL. I’ll talk about that more in the gaming section.
  • Our apartment complex had a unit-by-unit inspection a few weeks ago. I don’t think there is anything more uncomfortable than a stranger saying they’re going to look around your living space. So I hated it. That was the downside. The upside was that this inspection forced us to really give our place the makeover it needed. I’m really happy with how it looks now. ♥
  • When pets do human-like things it’s so weird. For example, I was on the phone telling Mark what things to pick up at the grocery store, but I could not remember for the life of me this major item I was missing. So I’m sitting there going “What am I forgetting? What am I forgetting?” when Link gets up from the corner of the bed, walks up to me, meows, and then walks back to his corner. Dude… I was laughing so damn hard. It was hilarious yet so out of the blue. I know it’s likely a big coincidence but it’s so freaky that he would do something so random while I was trying to remember that he needed food. *sigh* I love him. Furry baby. ~_~
  • I don’t know what else to add in regards to my personal life. I mean, I’m alive. I’m kicking. I know what needs improvement. I am working on those things constantly. That is basically the path I am on. Sooo~ that being said, on to other more relatable things.

✪ Art & Writing ✪

  • I’ve been drawing a lot. Nothing worth sharing, but it is productive nonetheless. I picked up a few books on fantasy landscapes recently because I would love to actually work on designing my world. My main inspiration has been FFXII for a long time. It’s a fantasy world yet it has this very futuristic feel to it. You have towering castles with flying ships and holographic billboards–really neat mixes like that. As much as I love character designing (LOVE) I would love even more to branch out.
  • Writing wise, I have not written as much as I would like. I have written out plenty of charts to keep track of storylines and descriptions, but nothing that moves my stories forward. I will also work on that. In terms of goals I would love to one day submit a story to one of those book printing websites along with a cover artwork, and have this physical copy of a story that I can touch. That would be sweet. ( ; u ; )
  • My sketchbook collection is getting out of control now. I have at least ten sketchbooks of various sizes, textures, and colors just piled up with like… six or seven drawings in each of them. It’s sad. It’s the artistic equivalent of buying a ton of shoes and only wearing each pair once before tossing them in a closet forever. LOL. I’m working on it.

✪ Anime & Manga ✪

  • I forgot how much I need Toriko in my life. It is so over-the-top ridiculous and it does not care if you know it. Anime masterpiece, 10 out of 10.
  • Gangsta is my shit right now. I adore Nicolas, Alex, and Worick. I love the animation. It would really make my life if they would release new episodes everyday because it takes too long. D:
  • This is more of a gaming thing because I started Hakuoki as the otome game, and then I branched off into the anime to see what the main storyline was like. I took the route that involved Saito but Hijikata is supposed to be the main character. Nonetheless, the series was as engaging as the game. It is definitely unpleasant to watch the same people die in a different format though. Not fun at all. LOL
  • I’m not even going to get into that anime about “pillow boys”. It is so fucking uncomfortable watch.
  • Honestly, my anime life has been whatever Mark is watching. Sometimes I like what he watches (ex: Food Wars) and other times I’m just not interested (an anime about a guy who talks to a giant demon and gets stronger by wearing weave. I don’t even remember what it’s called). He goes through animes a lot, so I can’t even remember half the shit I’ve watched with him.

✪ Video Games ✪

  • E3 time!
  • First off, let me say that I am ecstatic about the remake of Final Fantasy VII. I am aware of the risks that come with remaking classics, but I remain hopeful that they will stick to just upgrading what is already there with minimal additions. The keyword is hopeful. I heard on a Final Fantasy podcast that Nomura mentioned using Advent Children as his main inspiration for this remake, and I’m kind of like “eh”. I didn’t really hate Advent Children. It was just kind of… okay.  Nonetheless, I am still excited to see how this all works out. The moment updates arrive of the HD version of the FFVII cast and locations I’ll definitely lose my shit. I hope Square-Enix realizes that–that fans who begged for a FFVII remake are looking forward to seeing an upgrade of a masterpiece, not a bunch of unnecessary shit. Even works of art need to be touched up from time to time to maintain their beauty. I get that. I just hope that Square-Enix gets that. I want to see the emotional expressions of characters during some of FFVII’s most memorable scenes, I want to hear their voices, I want to experience that motorcycle chase with the city lights of Midgar all around. I’m getting so thrilled just thinking about it! But if it’s just a pretty mess then no thanks. Like, I don’t want there to be this overdramatic rendition of Aerith’s death where everyone is making cheesy speeches at her grave. It was so sad because everyone bottled it up, you know? It’s things like that I’m worried about. *sigh* Well… we will see.
  • Speaking of things I’m hoping won’t get screwed up: NIER 2. HOW IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING? The FFVII remake, sure. I was expecting that it was a possibility even though SE insisted it would not happen. Nier, on the other hand, was not very popular or well-liked. It got mediocre reviews and only a small circle of devout fans (*raises hand*) insisted that it was a brilliant game. So, believe me, this announcement is a major surprise! I remember I heard about it while watching a live tweet and waiting in the car for Mark to get off work, and the moment it was announced my heart just skipped a beat. I was so happy! It’s going to be fantastic. Keiichi Okabe returning is fantastic. If Emi Evans returns that will be fantastic. Taro Yoko was fantastic for showing up in that Emil mask. The team behind Bayonetta will be working on this sequel which is also fantastic. Did I say fantastic enough? LOL. Anyway, this team is flawless. I can’t wait for more updates.
  • The best news about Kingdom Hearts 3 didn’t even come until after E3. As usual someone was bantering about light and darkness, so I didn’t really pay that any mind, and I wasn’t too into the worlds they introduced either. I’ve already been introduced to the Hercules world multiple times in KH so Olympia is a decent selection, I guess. I feel the same way about Tangled that I do about Frozen: basic. Sorry. The protagonists even look like siblings or something, that is how bland those movies are to me. As far as movies go they are decent, but as far as introducing one or the other to the KH world I’m just kind like, “Sure. Why not?” I’m not particular thrilled to meet anyone from that world in the game anyway. I guess if they make Flynn join and do some type of “smolder” attack I’d laugh. That’s about it. BUT I am excited about Big Hero 6 being a world. Sora will inevitably get a costume for that and become a superhero. Or maybe not. I hope he does though.
  • There were some other games there that piqued my interest too, but I’m not going to get into all of them right now. All I know is that 2016 will be a great year for gaming. Plus FFXIV is coming out next year! Finally! Watch the apocalypse happen right before the game is due. I’ll probably yell, “OF COURSE THIS WILL HAPPEN”.
  • I did not take news of Mr. Iwata’s passing well. It was a great loss for gaming fans, especially those who grew up on Nintendo. There really is no way to thank someone who gave you countless hours of pleasant memories to look back on with a smile. He was a prime example of how leaders should be. I hope he is resting in peace.
  • I beat Wild Hunt a while ago. Amazing game. I am so glad that they added the New Game + option because I’ve been dying for a replay that had more a challenge to it. Really, this is the type of game that I see myself replaying over and over again. I just love it. I can’t wait for the DLCs to roll around.
  • I am too deep into Realm Reborn. Help (LOL). Joking aside, it is a fantastic MMO so far. It really delivers on everything I expect in an online game. Some time soon I’ll get the Heavensward expansion, if only for that Astrologian class. It looks so cool! ; . ;
  • I can’t even begin to get into Goat Simulator. It’s a great stress relief to play as a goat with a jetpack and literally crash into deadmau5’s rooftop party. That actually happened. Then I ended up eating people and turning them into watermelons that exploded. At some point goats were raining down from the game. There was a lot of panic and people falling off of the roof. It was unreal.
  • My goal to replay every Final Fantasy game is going… Um, it’s going. I’m near the fourth disc of FFIX, and that’s the most progress I’ve made recently. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I’ve kind of abandoned my Vita. I couldn’t even tell you where it is right it. It was just kind of here one moment, and now I can’t find it. *sigh* I’ll get around to it. The one game I’m dying to finish is FFVI because I never got around to finishing that game. Like, not even once. Every time I got my hand on an emulator or a copy of the game some bullshit came up. The computer crashed, the ROM was corrupted, the CD broke–I just have horrible luck when it comes to FFVI. I have no idea why. All the more reason to keep pushing to finish it, right? I know I am missing out on a gem there.
  • I’m so excited about the new Battlefront game. I get so excited thinking about reliving the fun I had with the old Battlefront game. Mark and I, we definitely lost a lot of sleep because of it. Let’s hope we lose a lot more sleep.
  • I can’t think of anything else in terms of gaming. I do have to tackle FF Type-0, but I’m not really connecting with it right now. I’ll keep trying. Right now, I’m debating about getting either a Xbox One or Wii U. The Xbox One will have backwards compatibility which means I can still play my 360 games, but the Wii U is so fun! Each time I see one on display I am tempted to play it. Nintendo always makes these colorful, vibrant, creative games that just… warms the soul. I don’t know how else to explain it. Mario Kart 8, especially, is always extremely pleasant to play. Maybe I will take the cheaper option by just getting another 3DS. I miss my 3DS. The Vita is fun, but compared to the 3DS the game selection is… “meh”. I’ll think about it. 😐

✪ Books ✪

  • Mark and I got another five-tier bookshelf, and even that wasn’t enough to hold all of our books. LOL. I think we can open a library of our own at this point. I can’t say that’s sad. I think it’s lovely. Sometimes I’ll just marvel at all the stories and information I’ve consumed over the years in the forms of these books. It amazes me, yet at the same time it concerns me… because the brain can only hold so many things. It is no wonder that I’ll remember the plot of some book I read ten years ago but I won’t remember instructions I received mere seconds prior. It happens, I guess. Anyway, I had the nerves to pick up more books recently: Sputnik Sweetheart, Pygmy, and Snuff. I love Haruki Murakami and Chuck Palahniuk, though. I see myself getting through those books in less than a week. Other books I’ve gotten are not necessarily unpleasant, but it takes time to get accustomed to the writer’s style and method of storytelling. I mean, I had that same issue with GRRM’s ASOIAF books, but once I got used to it I was hooked. I will read every single book in this apartment if it kills me. That is my goal in terms of reading.
  • I recently picked up the His Dark Materials trilogy too. I have heard nothing but great things about it, and I even saw The Golden Compass movie ages ago, but I never actually read the books. I’m unbelievably late. I know. LOL
  • I’ve been debating about getting The World of Ice and Fire because as much as I would like a better understanding of that entire universe I am afraid of being too influenced by it. By that I mean that I will likely start removing parts of my story if it sounds too familiar to something I learn about that story. That’s kind of dumb though, right? I mean, someone did this detailed comparison of ASOIAF to Norse mythology and it is so spot on that it is crazy. Did GRRM take a lot from Norse mythology? I don’t know. It could just be one ridiculously accurate coincidence. It happens. There are millions of stories, ancient and new. At this point it is impossible to write anything without it being oddly familiar to something else. I know people who worked hard on projects only to find a work later on that was incredibly similar. It really is moronic to expect anyone to memorize every story that has ever been written and in turn write a story that has zero elements of any of those stories. Even tropes, as funny as they are sometimes, are impossible to avoid. Stoic heroes are fascinating. Rebel princesses are interesting. Villains who were once good guys or villains who turn to good guys are a joy to witness in terms of development, regardless of how redundant it might seem in the grand scale of things. Therefore, I think it is better to just write whatever you want, and not become so obsessed with being original that you have to walk on eggshells each time you write. I guess that answers that question. I’ll get the book eventually.

✪ Music ✪

  • I never get tired of listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Every song is perfect. So much so that if Lauryn Hill did release another album I would worry that it will pale in comparison to TMOLH. I guess that is the downside to creating a masterpiece. On one hand, you’re proud of yourself for making this piece of art that is universally loved. On the other hand, you know that it is damn near impossible to create anything that will compare to it. You’ll pretty much go your entire career hearing that lightning doesn’t strike twice and yadda yadda yadda. That must suck…
  • Shoutout to Pandora for introducing me to Grizzly Bear. I didn’t know how much I needed their music until I heard it. Good stuff.
  • WHY IS “FOREFATHER’S EVE” NOT IN THE WILD HUNT OST? THAT SHIT GETS ME HEATED. I know a lot of people are annoyed with there being a vocal version of “Whispers of Oxenfort” on the OST instead of the version in the game, but I don’t mind. I like the singer’s voice. Those violins in “Whispers of Oxenfort” though. Ugh, I would spend hours there just because the song is so beautiful. Then there is “Steel for Humans” and “Silver for Monsters” BEST BATTLE SONGS. “The Fields of Ard Skellig”–ALMOST TEARS. So amazing. Wild Hunt is precious in every way. (Okay, I’m done)
  • Outside of that it’s just been whatever songs I’ve come across. Too many to get into. Most of them are good.

✪ TV & Movies ✪

  • I decided to start watching Project Runway. So much inspiration! I am already seeing some of the critique from the judges echoing in my artwork, especially when it comes to the “keep it simple, stupid” part. You really can make a design that is breathtaking just by removing some elements. That tends to be a problem of mine. I get so much inspiration at once that I’ll try to squeeze it all in one place. I sometimes forget that as great as some ideas are the tough decision must be made to either throw some out or store them in some sort of mental bank–or in my case a notebook. Nonetheless, I love this show. I’m pretty hooked on it. >_>
  • I watched the TV series version of Fargo. Just as messed up as the movie, but in a black comedy way.
  • I’m so glad Hulu has the commercial-free option now. I will gladly cough up the extra $4.00 a month to not deal with that anymore. For some shows it is not so bad, but on other shows they will have a commercial like every five minutes. It drives me up the wall! And now that Hulu supposedly took the Epix deal that Netflix lost I believe there might be some great movies coming up soon. Yes, Hulu. Good.
  • Geez, I can’t even recall all the movies I’ve seen in these three months. I know there was Antman (“Eh”), Ex Machina (“Great!”), and The Godfather trilogy (“Nice! …Until that last one”). Really, I have been dedicating time to catching up on those classic that I get shit for never watching. As a sci-fi fan it is a damn shame that I haven’t seen 2001: A Space Odyssey yet. I’m working on it though.

✪ Whatever Else/Closing ✪

That’s all for now. I hope I update sooner than three months next time. 😐



  • This is Obi. It is mostly a nickname for “Obsidian”, but it is also a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi because we can do some Jedi-like things with it. Like tell it to do stuff and it does it.
  • I love the voice command ability. I didn’t think I would care about it until I tried it and realized how cool it was.
  • In truth, all of the features are really neat. The ability to suspend a game to open an app, to close the app with a voice command to open the game back up, to tell the system to take a screenshot while your hands are busy playing–it’s all really nifty! I’m still learning all of the features, but the ones I’ve encountered so far were pretty cool.
  • Gaming wise, it has just been The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since I got Obi on Friday. I did download DC Universe and took on the free trial of Playstation Now. Both are fun… just not TW3 fun. LOL. It has completely consumed my weekend. I believe what makes this game so addictive is the fact that it has hundreds of interesting plots within this one uber-interesting plot. Each quest, regardless of how insignificant it seems, has this back story that blows your mind until the next quest. The gameplay is fun. I love seeing features from the previous Witcher titles along with being introduced to some newer things. I love how the books are being integrated into the games. Of course, I love Geralt as much as I did when I first picked up “The Last Wish”… because he is a jerkass but he’s also really sweet when he wants to be. Overall, I am more than happy to dedicate hours of my life to this game. Already it is inspiring me to draw more and write more because it is so creative. I just really love this game. If there was any PS4 game worth getting the console for it is this one.
  • Really, I cannot express enough how happy I am that I finally got Obi. It was worth all the saving and waiting and ogling at every PS4 I saw on display with a breaking heart (LOL). Yes, the price tag was painful to even look at, but when I consider all of my other consoles and how much joy they brought me I can’t really put a price on that. I look forward to all the released and unreleased games I will get to experience with Obi. For now, though, let’s just focus on saving one fictional, war-torn world before I jump into any others. 😛

I’m so glad that I have a three-day weekend because (a)more time to play, and (b)shorter work week which means coming even closer to the next weekend. So, it all works out. Everything just lined up well this week for a change. I plan to take full advantage of that!

Anyway, I’m going to catch up on Game of Thrones (I really need to discuss the direction this series is taking soon because it is definitely as unpleasant as it is controversial), and then it is back into my TW3 marathon. I have screenshots and clips saved that I’d like to post. It’ll come around soon enough. I have been lifeless in terms of blogging and social networking because I’ve been gaming something fierce in recent months, so I can’t say when I’ll post anything else. We’ll see.

With that, I am off~

Enjoy (what’s left of) your Memorial Day Weekend! ^_^


094: Vetur/Sumar/Samanrenna


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Vita, Video Games, Venice, and Vipertek

  Remember how I was debating about getting a PS4, Wii U, or the 3DS? Yeah, I didn’t decide on any of those.


Instead I did some research and decided that getting a PS Vita would be best. (1) It is portable which is great because I’m rarely home except for the weekends, and (2) I can play a shitload of PS One classics without having to deal with my PS2 giving up mid-gameplay. So, needless to say, I’m excited! I got this combo pack with a free Borderlands 2 download and 8 GB memory card for $200. Good deal. And when I do eventually get a PS4 I can link the systems to do more nifty things. I’m looking forward to that. ^___^


Getting this game was a must. I’m 100% here for Final Fantasy X, especially since I lost my master file on the PS2 years back. It was… frustrating. I was so proud of that file because Yuna was the strongest melee fighter in my party and it was fucking hilarious at times. Anyhoo, restarting again doesn’t bother me. It’s high time that I did another FFX replay. As for FFX-2 I’ll might replay it for the battle system, but I’m not making any promises.



From top to bottom: FFX HD (with a FFX-2 that I didn’t install yet), Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VI, Bust-A-Move 4, and Xenogears. I’m not going to bother installing Borderlands 2 since I already have it on the 360. And it’s huge in terms of memory usage. Of course there are some Final Fantasy games missing from this collection but I’m trying not to overwhelm myself anymore than I already have. I didn’t think I would be overwhelmed until I played Xenogears for an hour turned it off to play Chrono Cross up to Arni Village, turned that off to start on FFIX, turned that off to play Chrono Cross again, turned that off to play FFX, and… yeah… I think each time I complete a Final Fantasy then I’m going to move on to another. FFVII will be last because I just did a replay last year. So, I’ll tackle IX or VI, then download VIII since I never finished my Steam playthrough, and keep repeating that pattern until I have everything from I to X. As for other PS games I’m just going to take it easy for a little while. It’s one thing to get games like Bust-A-Move that are fun ways to shoot the shit, but RPGs take a lot of focus. At least for me. *sigh* This is all sounds like first world problems, doesn’t it. LOL. Yeah, I’m going to stop and just say–overwhelming or not–I am over the moon about having these games around to play again. Except for Xenogears. This is my first time playing Xenogears (so ashamed ;_;), so I can’t say “again”. But I can say it is extremely awesome and I already adore Citan. Please don’t disappoint me. >_<






I couldn’t walk away from this sketchbook because, well, it’s obviously aesthetically pleasing, but I also kept hearing “Tour of Venice” and “Dream of Venice” when I looked at it. After I told Mark about that he advised me to draw Ezio leaping across one of the buildings in the background. Yes! I’m going to do it. LOL. Anyway, we had a long discussion afterwards about the fact that we have never been overseas together, and while it seems like the obvious choice would be Japan I am leaning more towards Italy. I want to do a sort of tour, going from Rome to Venice to Florence. I mean, we did meet in Latin class after all. It would not be a meaningless trip when we put into consideration all the aspects of Italian history that we both love and can thank for bringing us together. So, that’s it. I want to go to Italy. Even if I can just go to one city then I will go to one city. Half of me is screaming “Rome!” while the other is like “Dude, Venice has boat rides and the Carnival of Venice!” I think if I remind Mark that he can wear his beloved plague doctor mask for hours at a time then he will be up for Venice too. Okay, Venice it is. I’m going to start saving and planning for it. I also need to consider putting aside my other language lessons in order to start working on Italian. I’ve taken a swing at Italian in the past, and all of those years of Latin makes it a tad easier to understand than say Japanese or German. I’m excited. I only hope it works out better than other plans I’ve made. LOL




Last but not least my first taser, Vipertek. I feel so much better now that I have this. Four days a week I have to drop Mark off at work at three in the morning, and that is not the most comforting time to be outside on your own–even if it’s only a 10-second run from the parking lot to your apartment. It is slightly terrifying to own though. I’m always worried that I’ll accidentally turn it on somehow and electrocute myself. LOL. I don’t even have to do something moronic like testing it on myself to know that it will hurt. We armed it yesterday to see how it would look, and it was LOUD. Sparkly but loud. I can only compare the sound to the crack of a whip. I shrieked but Mark thought it was cool. Then again, this is the same guy who spent his birthday money and giftcards on knives, so he would. -_-

Well, I’m off. Later in the day I want to pick up some Italian language books, but before that I have to look into getting another bookshelf, doing some serious spring cleaning, getting groceries in the house, and just being semi-productive this weekend. In between I will squeeze in some gaming time. Since I want to play so many games I will have to dedicate 30-60 minutes on each game. A little Xenogears there, a little FFIX there, a little Bioshock Infinite after that, a little Assassin’s Creed 2 too. Oh! Gold members get a free AC: Black Flag and Army of Two on the 16th. DUUUUUUUDDDEEE. All Mark and I ever talk about these days are those fucking naval battle clips we see in Black Flag. I can’t wait. ; u ;

Really, it’s nice that I am getting back into video games like. It’s not like I ever stopped playing between the age of five and… now, but recent years have been kind of “eh”, you know? I’m so into it now that I am returning to that point where I will draw fanart and stuff like that again. It feels good. I love getting so passionate about something that it inspires me in other departments of my life. Yes, time is scarce these days, especially with this whole project of ours to make our apartment not look borderline condemned anymore (LMAO), but… I’m hopeful. Things are getting better in every way imaginable. I’m happy. No, more than that, I’m pumped!


“If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”


  • Look at this peaceful cat. He has zero stress, all of his bills are paid, he’s eating and drinking right, he found the meaning of life, he got a bonus at his cat job, etc. He also kind of reminds me of Jeff Bridges. I don’t know why.
  • Bioshock Infinite is free on Xbox 360 if you have gold. Spread the word ASAP.
  • I’m usually resistant to massive overhauls on websites (because I have the soul of a grumpy old lady when it comes to unexpected changes), but I love Grooveshark’s new layout a lot. I like the new Youtube app on XBox Live a lot too. It’s really clean~ I can’t wait for more clean updates on other websites~
  • I haven’t been in the loop of things lately, so I just found out today that Mirjana from ANTM was murdered. This is terrible news. She was a beautiful girl that was more than capable of achieving her dream to be a model. I hope her killers get punished thousands of times over for this. RIP Mirjana.
  • I decided to check out Birdman and Whiplash because the plots sounded interesting, and I’m glad that I did. Of the two I would have the say that Whiplash blew my mind the most. It really puts into perspective the importance of resilience. And even though I’m not gushing as much about Birdman that does not take away from it’s brilliance. I always love stories where the protagonist’s enemy is his/her own self. That’s probably why Amadeus and Donnie Darko ended up being my favorite movies. 😛
  • Honestly, if I had $400 right now to buy any console I wanted I would not know which one to get. Here are some things I am putting into consideration:
    • Playstation 4: I haven’t had a Sony console in many, many years, so I don’t want to keep dragging my foot until a PS5 comes along; however, it is the most expensive console out there, and I’m not sure it is 100% worth it (maybe 95%) when I look at the current game selection it has. I see myself playing Type-0, playing tons of PS classic games (XENOGEARS THO), but… that’s about it. The Witcher 3 will not come around ’til May or so. No one knows when FFXV will get here. No one knows when KH3 will get here. I’m not really interested in most of the FPS out right now (though Mark is). There is FFXIV but MMOs are a huge commitment to me. Also, those monthly fees? NOPE. I’m thinking I should get a cheaper console first then get a PS4 later in the year. I don’t know.
    • Wii U: Nintendo games are always fun… but outside of Zelda and Metroid games that is all that they are. A lot of fun. Little else. Still, they always have the best multiplayer games. I played Hyrule Warriors and that one was difficult to part with. The same goes for Mario Kart 8. I haven’t heard anything about recent Mario Party games, but I never get tired of those. I can see Mark and me having a shitload of fun times with those, especially now that he has left BAM. These are things I should definitely consider. I should also consider that new Zelda and Starfox games are coming out soon. So, a Wii U is not even optional anymore, is it? LOL. I refuse to be late when it comes to this new Zelda game. REFUSE.
    • New Nintendo 3DS x2: For $400 Mark and I can get two of the new Nintendo 3Ds consoles. That would provide us with a console that is both strong in the single and multiplayer department. Additionally, I did trade in my 3DS for Dragon Age: Inquisition a while ago (no regrets), and it’s about time to replace it. I have no handheld consoles right now. I also have my 3DS XL games still… so it’s kind of lame that I have no means of playing them outside of Mark’s 3DS. Then there’s Majora’s Mask. Then there’s Xenoblade Chronicles. Then there’s Alpha Sapphire. A lot of games to play without even mentioning all of the items in their shop.
    • Final Decision: None. I’m about to kick myself in the ass because in a matter of months I’ll have the funds to get one of these things, and yet I have no idea which one because I’m so indecisive. But it is better to dwell on it for weeks instead of buying a console (or consoles) that I will regret purchasing. Not regret as in a “this console sucks” way. It is more of a timing issue. If I have to wait another year or so to get another one then I should really choose a console that will have the most to offer. Either way, poor XBox 360. It’s likely going to end up in the living room, collecting dust with my Wii. LOL
  • Added three new books to my pile: “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Never Let me Go”, and “Murder on the Orient Express.” When I talk to other bookworms they’re always shocked that I haven’t read those books yet, so I’m going to start. Eventually :I. BTW, it’s time for another bookshelf. Looking forward to it. I’m going to organize the shit out of this apartment just in time for the whole Spring cleaning thing.

I’m going to end this with two of my favorite things: bibimbap and Link in a shirt. :OOOOOO



Counterclockwise: bibimbap (this is the cold version compared to the hot pot version–or dolsot bibimbap, I believe), rice, kimchi, that red bottle is the sweet/spicy sauce you add to the dish, then miso soup, and then some vitamin water. All for around$7-8. If you’re not eating at Assi every once in a while then you are missing out. They always have great, authentic Asian meals with a lot of items to enjoy for half of what you would pay at other restaurants. If Assi is in your area you should give ’em a try. 🙂



We never put clothes on Link, but when we saw this shirt at the thrift store for $2 we thought about how cute it would look on Link and we were right. It’s the cutest thing ever. The only downside is that he gets so angry about it that he’ll keep randomly biting us until we remove it. XDD



Your Lie In April

tumblr_nliwmtAr7V1snltj3o8_500 tumblr_nljh8ygWH81tmqkdko1_500


Spoiler: No, I don’t. I’m just upset that Kaori died. The irritating thing is that I knew she would die, but because she was starting to stand on her own and she was so hopeful about that surgery I thought there might be a chance that she could do a duet with Kousei again. I would be happy if she did one last duet with him before she died. This is so unfair! TT____TT

All of that aside, I do love Your Lie in April–crying like a baby 50% of the time and all.

093: The Beast Is Back


If we don’t greet each other like this then what’s the point.

I’m going to start using ‘Read More’ cuts on these entries because they can get pretty long at times. Like now.

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