093: The Beast Is Back


If we don’t greet each other like this then what’s the point.

I’m going to start using ‘Read More’ cuts on these entries because they can get pretty long at times. Like now.


I’m not crying. My eyes are sweating.


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Credit: Pocket Aimee


They said I could do anything, so I added 714 free Marvel comics to my library.

…Now I wait and weep and repeat until they arrive.

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☆彡The Avengers movie rekindled my love for Bruce Banner and The Hulk. I’m so grateful. I really want to see The Avengers again. ;-;

☆彡 Our XBox is working again. Mark stood on it, turned it on, and it stopped showing that error message. Fucking sorcery. LOL. The thing is that it’s not completely working. If we play games with strong graphics, it locks up again. So, we’re sticking to older games, and games that don’t involve much graphics. It’s better than nothing, right? Honestly, the only game I really want to play right now is that Scott Pilgrim side-scrolling game on Live. I heard that there’s an X-Men side-scroller as well, so I want to download that too. It brings back pleasant nostalgia. Makes me want to whip out my SNES or Mark’s Genesis. And, believe it or not, they both still work perfectly. They’ve outlived one PS2, one XBox, and one semi-broken 360. Shame.

☆彡 Speaking of gaming, I’m into two MMOs right now: Requiem and Ragnarok. Both are free. Try them out, MMO fans. All you have to lose is…time. LOL. I couldn’t really complete my Ragnarok character because of scheduled maintenance, but I’m on Requiem under the character name of ‘Ilmarra’. I’ll post my Ragnarok name later. My Ragnarok name is ‘Ilmarra’ too. 😄

☆彡 Speaking of maintenance (everything links together! o_o), the maintenance guy here has been fixing our stove all week. Because of our inability to cook, we’ve been eating out left and right. It sucks. After two days of fast food, my body started to shake and I became really dizzy. Twice. Once today, and once yesterday. Mark is basically living in the bathroom, so it’s definitely detox time. I hate feeling like this. I feel like I’ve been poisoned. In a way, I guess we were. Fast food is basically a chemical shitstorm. I don’t even want to think about it. It makes my everything hurt. Thankfully, the stove is working again. I’m relieved! =.=

☆彡 Library Reading List: Brave New World, Invisible Monsters, Survivor, House of M: The Incredible Hulk, and DC Universe: The Works of Alan Moore. I’m in the middle of Invisible Monsters right now, and I am reminded once more why I adore Chuck Palahniuk. I really love his work. Anyway, I have to finish these books before June 4th, so I’ll be pretty busy. It’s really criminal that I haven’t read Brave New World yet. I’ll fix that soon enough.

☆彡 May is teaching me that life has two paths: the easy path and the hard path. Down the easy path, you will always find the pathetic version of yourself. The version of yourself that you get from denial, excuses, falsehood, and weakness. Down the hard path, you will find the best version of yourself. It is you, only stronger and braver and lovelier and smarter and superior. The easy path has plenty of opportunities to give up and go back to the start, but the hard path…you barely get time to catch your breath. You’re always dodging one thing or another. You have to earn your respite. Right now, I am on that hard path. I am barely into it, and I already want to go back to the easy path where everything was predictable and effortless. But I know that I can’t. More than anything, I want that better self and that better life…so giving up is not an option for me. I guess all of this sounds cheesy and cryptic. However, it’s the best way I can sum up my life right now.

☆彡 I want to start posting weekly goals starting Sunday. It’ll be kind of bad to start in the middle of the week. -_-

☆彡 For the past few weeks, Link has been sleeping right next to my head on the my pillowcase. He usually doesn’t sleep that close to us. He’ll sleep near our feet, sometimes on our backs or butt, but never like…RIGHT next to my face. Then again, for whatever reason, he’s been super attached to me lately. I’m grateful, but I’m worried. I just hope he isn’t trying to tell me something. I always worry about him…even though he’s a cat and he far more self-sufficient than I’ll ever be.

☆彡 I think it is too late for 2012 to be a “good year” for me. I’m just going to make the best of what is left, and cross my fingers for 2012. I consider 13 an unlucky number, but who knows. It may work out better than 12.

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